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B i o g r a p h y

Per Tengstrand was born in 1968 in Växjö,Sweden.He started playing the piano at the age of 6 with his mother as a teacher. At age 16, he went to the Malmö Conservatory of music and later the Conservatory of Paris, where the audience broke the 300-year ban to applaud at the graduation competition after his performance.

He was a prize-winner in international competitions in Paris, Brussels and Geneva, and after winning rst prize in Cleveland’s International Piano Competition, he debuted at the Lincoln Center in New York in 1997. After that he has performed in venues such as the Kennedy Center, Weill Hall in Carnegie Hall, Musikverein, Gewandhaus in Leipzig,and Suntory Hall inTokyo. He has performed as soloist with Detroit Symphony,National Symphony,Japan Philharmonic, Osaka Philharmonic,The Hague Resident Orchestra, Orchestra de la Suisse Romande, Singapore Symphony, the Nationals Symphony of Taiwan and Orchestre National de France.

An artist that connects with the audience in an unpretentious way. The music is important, the decorum not so much.

Per Tengstrand gave the last concert in the governor’s palace in Hong Kong under British rule, with Chris Patten and MargaretThatcher in the audience.Together with Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson,he made a perfor- mance of music and talk in the UN headquarters in NewYork in 2016. PerTengstrand is an artistic director of the Music on Park Avenue series in NewYork City. He is the recipient of the Royal Medal of Litterus and Artibus, which he received from the King of Sweden. 

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